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There is something about the words ‘beach season’ – everyone seems to scream at it, for good or for bad. Every woman has a different body type and shape. When you go looking for a swimsuit, make sure you asses your body type, shape and choose something that goes well with it. Whether it’s a sexy one piece swimsuit or a simple bikini, Losha just wants you to feel sexy and confident when you head to the pool or the beach.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right swimwear for yourself. If you’re looking for swimming suits for ladies in Pakistan or swimwear online in Pakistan, these tips will help you make a better decision.



Small bust:

  • Amplify your breasts with a push-up swimsuit bra
  • Choose a top with ruffles, fringes, or horizontal lines to make your breasts look larger
  • Solids or flat triangle tops are a no-no for women with small bust


  • Choose swimwear that amplifies the top and bottom
  • Push-up or padded tops can accentuate your bosom
  • Brazilian bikini bottoms are a good way to enhance your booty
  • Bottoms with patterned dress detailing also make the booty look bigger
  • You can also check out active swimwear that might fit your body well

Pear shaped:

  • If you want the attention to be diverted from your legs to your upper torso, go for bright coloured tops and solid coloured bottoms
  • Buy a set which offers extra bottom coverage
  • If you wish to flaunt your hips curves, go for bold bikini bottoms or wear a sarong


Apple Shaped:

  • Go for a swimsuit that offers more coverage to your tummy while showing off your legs
  • Buy one pieces that give you a leaner look by flattening the stomach
  • Your waistline would look slimmer if you wear bottoms with panel designs
  • Looking to flaunt your figure? Go for high-waisted swimsuit bottoms with vivid tops

Full Bust:

  • Even a normal coverage top will enhance your bust
  • If you want a subdued look and more coverage, go for a bandeau
  • Outfits with a v-shaped neckline will show your cleavage and flatter your bust
  • Try to avoid skinny straps and push up padding
  • Try to shop for swimwear according to your bra size, it will help you find a better fit


If you are looking online bra shopping  in which front open cotton bra, push up bra in Pakistan, Buy Teen Hipster Online now that you’re endowed with all the knowledge we just shared, we hope you won’t feel anxious when the summer heat rises and your heart calls for the pool. We have a wide range of swimwear for ladies available at Losha so that you can spend your summers having all the fun you could possibly imagine!

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