Thoughts Every Women Has During Undergarment Shopping!

You may be very much smart when it comes to shopping but when it comes to undergarment or lingerie shopping, women go through so much hassle and lots of thoughts cross their mind.
Lingerie shopping is not an easy task and is not something you can perform easily. There’s a lot of stress, second thoughts and confusion comes along with it.

Sharing with you the most common thoughts that every woman has when she goes for undergarment shopping. All you women out there can absolutely relate!

1. Where should I buy the undergarments from?

The first thought that crosses the mind is where to go for undergarment shopping? Since there are limited places available for women to go shop for innerwear. So women want a one stop shop where they can find huge variety in inner wears.
In Pakistan has solved this problem thankfully, so now women know where to shop from.

2. Who should I go with?

bra pakistan

Because undergarment is something very personal therefore it gets hard to decide who you should take along. Mom or girlfriends? Because the fear of getting judged is always there.

3. Confusion While Selecting a Bra

bra pakistan

The types of bras confuse you like anything. And how am I going to choose and how will it look on me? These are the questions that comes in women’s mind when they find different styles of bras. This is the intense decision making process!

4. Lacy material is a classic. I NEED to get some ultimate Reds and Blacks!

bra lahore

Red lacy lingerie in the wardrobe is a must, and so is black colored lingerie. The wardrobe is incomplete without both. So every women wants to get her hands on red and black first.

5. I hope I look as good as these models look in these! I really need to work out to look good in these…

undergarments pakistan

When women look at the skinny models wearing lingerie they go through thoughts like I need to get my tummy flat, I need to work out and loose few pounds. Every women thinks how will I look in this style? Will I look good or will it look bad?

6. Is it comfortable?

lingrie pakistan

Comfort is the most important aspect when it comes to undergarment shopping. Women want something that supports them throughout the day while making them feel comfortable and relaxed.  And that is what they are thinking. Thoughts like if I get this will I be able to wear this daily? Is it comfortable? Will it provide the right support?

7. I just have to buy THIS… and that, and this and THAT and all of THESE!

At the end, women end up buying most of the stuff because lingerie is a basic human right and one can never have enough of it. ‘I need to get all these trendy and glitzy undergarments in my bag ASAP!’ Women just can’t say no when it comes to shopping, be it lingerie, inner wears, or any other stuff because retail therapy is the best therapy.



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