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Wearing Sports Bra in Pakistan – A Rising Trend

sports bra pakistan
Fitness has become a lifestyle these days. In Pakistan, today women are more health and fitness conscious then they ever were. Exercise has become a lifestyle for working women and homemakers both.
Sports bra is a bra specially designed for women to wear during work out. It was designed in 1970’s for the first time. But eventually with time and with the progression in technology it developed and the necessary changes were made. Identifying the significance of sports bra in women’s life, numerous styles were designed to better serve the clients. Sports bras can reduce breast movement by up to 73%.
Sports bra comes in three different categories. The goal is to provide the breasts a firm, stable and supportive fit. The right sports bra will hold your breasts in place without making you feel compressed and uncomfortable.
The three main types of sports bras:

1.Compression(Light Push Up low Impact)

  • Most common type of sports bra.
  • Designed to press breasts flat as a single unit, to minimize movement.
  • Preferred for A and B cup women.

2.Compression/Encapsulation (Medium Impact)

  • Designed to encapsulate each breast and press them to the ribcage.
  • Best for women with the cup size C, D and DD.

3.Encapsulation (High Impact)

  • Looks more like regular bra.
  • May have an under wire.
  • Offers the most support by connecting each breast separately.

Have a look, you may find this below chart helpful.

sports bra in pakistan
Women in Pakistan have realized the importance of wearing a sports bra. The current street to gym trend has derived women’s attention towards sports bras because they are comfortable to wear and also give that edgy look that they need.
Comfort has always been a priority in the modern world.  Today, women wear their gym apparels at all hours. There is no specific timing to wear gym clothes today as it was before. Everyone wants to be in a good and a right shape today therefore people are a lot more aware. All thanks to media and internet. is a first Pakistani online store that sells all types of lingerie online. You can find a variety of sports bras in the bra section. Order it online and get it delivered at your door step today.

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sports bra pakistan

5 Advantages of Wearing a Sports Bra:

  1.  One of the main benefits of wearing a sports bra is the support it gives to your breasts during exercise. Intense movement can cause muscles close to the breasts to bounce and rip and it causes sagging breasts. But, the right sports bra offers sufficient support to avert this condition.
  2.  A sports bra reduces breast movement. Perhaps the most popular advantage of wearing a sports bra is its capability to minimize breast movement.
  3.  Sports bras control the sweat and temperature. There are now sports bras with the ability to absorb sweat away from the body while letting your skin breath and keeping you cool and dry.
  4.  Sports bras are designed to have storage capabilities too. Various designs of sports bras can hold keys and small MP3 players.
  5.  Sports bras are very comfortable. They offer comfort in ways that normal bras cannot. They minimize breast movement, sports bras also minimize chafing or rubbing.

There are no side effects or disadvantages of sports bras reported. The trick is to wear the right size of sports bra. Breast movement can make physical activities both difficult and painful. So determine the right size for yourself.
sport bra pakistan trend

How to Measure the Right Size for a Sports Bra:

  1. Measure around the rib cage at bottom band just under the breasts. Round down to the closest cm if measurement is between a whole cm.
  2. Find the matching band size based on the rib cage dimensions.
  3. Measure around the fullest part of the breast to find out your bust size.
  4. Cups should fit without bulges, gaps and wrinkles across the breasts. Subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement. The difference in inches is your cup size.

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Scientific advancements in athletic clothing have brought diversity in sports bras and the fabric they are made from. Padded sports bras, wireless sports bras, sports bras with under wires, medium padded sports bras, criss-cross sports bras all are some of the types of sports bras available in the market today.
Today it has become a necessity for it is not only comfortable but it gives that firm shape too. Depending on how frequent a sports bra is worn, it should be changed every 6-12 months. And to avoid bacteria it should be washed after every 1-3 wears.
Also, today sports bras are available in different designs and prints unlike older times when sports bras used to come in blacks and grey tones only.
Times have certainly changed, for good.

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